Thursday, April 16, 2009


all of sudden idk y i would rather said i love my myspace friends rather than my school friends. i mean the ms frnds, they are amazing.

like even they are much more younger than me, some of them are school kids, but they being such a good friends!

i went out with amat yesterday watching friday the 13th. Gosh i cant stand it. i hate that movie seriously. i mean that kind of movie, scary yaww. HAHA.

& this is amat. he's so funny. masuk air, wht else? jalan bapak laju nye macam kena kejar hantu. haha. he sometimes call me sayang, especially bila masuk air. stone la tu. haha. n he said he loves to be friend with me sbb i satu kepala dengan dia. haha orang gila :P n yeah he's my ms frnds :) btw his gf is so damn hot :))

* i love you friend, always.:)